Non-Payment and Cause Evictions

The attorneys at Turk & Milone, LLP have handled thousands of summary process eviction actions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.  With this “process” is intended to be “summary”, recovering possession of residential or commercial property can often be anything but summary.  We have the experience to ensure that your cases are handled efficiently and effectively and strive to establish the best possible outcome.  When it comes to non-payment of rent cases, we understand that time really is money.  We ensure that cases are filed immediately and are brought to a conclusion as quickly as possible.  With our significant knowledge and aggressive prosecution of cases, we our often able to not only recover possession in a timely manner but seek to collect the money to which are clients are entitled.

The attorneys at Turk & Milone, LLP have also been involved in almost every conceivable type of “cause” eviction.  Whether it is smoking, noise disturbance, criminal activity, or unauthorized occupants, there are very few issues which we have not already confronted. We have the experience to assist clients in developing their cases, gathering necessary evidence, and presenting the evidence in court to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  We understand that our clients are in the business of providing safe, decent, and affordable housing and are proud that we have been able to assist clients in ensuring that all tenants are able to enjoy their homes, free of disturbances, criminal activity, and non-compliant neighbors.

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